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a Life in Time

~ Karmic Potentials ~

~ Spiritual Passages ~

~ Transformational Opportunities ~

“…the journey through the planetary

houses boils down to becoming conscious

of the good and bad qualities of our

character, and the apotheosis means no

more than maximum consciousness;

which amounts to maximum freedom of


Carl Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis

A Life in Time astrological report is a synopsis of karmic potentials related to your natal chart. If you believe in the prospect of reincarnation, negative actions expressed in previous lives may appear in this lifetime as lessons to be learned; this is karma. Karma is a metaphor for genetic and environmental inheritance. There is a possibility you may have inherited unresolved karma from distant ancestors through your matrilineal and patrilineal lines,

“The possibility of reincarnation aside, our most limiting behaviors and habits likely come from childhood encounters with dysfunctional family patterning. Some of which may even be encoded in cellular DNA. These embedded “programs” and our reaction to them is the unconscious driving force behind many of our choices, hence the common state of being that is to function on “autopilot " without awareness that we are in fact, not always choosing from a basis of free and informed will. We can be living out shame, guilt, limitations, expectations or compulsions that actually belong to childhood trauma, cultural strictures, other family members or the clan of origin. Familial arid social programming can neatly compromise the personal quest for further self definition.” 

                                                                                                                                         Marguerite Haefman (2010)

In a spiritual context, karma means that everything you do has a reaction. If you do something good, something good will come back to you. If you do something bad, something bad will come back to you. In the Hindu tradition there are three kinds of karma; karma from previous lifetimes, karma you create in this lifetime, and instant karma, for example, running a red light and getting a ticket. The sage philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti suggests your presence in this current life is by choice for the purpose of resolving past karma.


The birth chart is an archetypal map of the psyche and a seed image of the soul;  it represents your parents’ spiritual legacy to you expressed as familial traits and tendencies. What you do with this spiritual legacy is up to you. If you are on a spiritual pathway and a seeker of wisdom, A Life in Time astrological report may provide a road map for your journey, the choice is yours where you want to go.

a Life in Time


Your karmic potential chart, A Life in Time, is a detailed synopsis of your planetary and asteroid placements from your radix birth chart. This information will, hopefully, give you some clue to the challenges you face in this lifetime, the origin of your karma and what is required before entering your next lifetime.  The report is derived from the philosophic schools of, Archetypal, Esoteric, Evolutionary, and karmic astrology. The following core perceptions are common in these schools.


“First, what is an archetype? Archetypes can be understood and described in many ways, and in fact much of the history of Western thought from Plato and Aristotle onward has been concerned with this very question. But for our present purposes, we can define an archetype as a universal principle or force that affects--impels, structures, permeates--the human psyche and human behavior on many levels. One can think of them as primordial instincts, as Freud did, or as transcendent first principles as Plato did, or as gods of the psyche as James Hillman does. Archetypes (for example, Venus or Mars) seem to have a transcendent, mythic quality, yet they also have very specific psychological expressions --as in the desire for love and the experience of beauty (Venus), or the impulse toward forceful activity and aggression (Mars). Moreover, archetypes seem to work from both within and without, for they can express themselves as impulses and images from the interior psyche, yet also as events and situations in the external world.

“Jung thought of archetypes as the basic constituents of the human psyche, shared cross-culturally by all human beings, and he regarded them as universal expressions of a collective unconscious. Much earlier, the Platonic tradition considered archetypes to be not only psychological but also cosmic and objective, as primordial forms of a Universal Mind that transcended the human psyche. Astrology would appear to support the Platonic view as well as the Jungian, since it gives evidence that Jungian archetypes are not only visible in human psychology, in human experience and behavior, but are also linked to the macrocosm itself--to the planets and their movements in the heavens. Astrology thus supports the ancient idea of an anima mundi, or world soul, in which the human psyche participates. From this perspective, what Jung called the collective unconscious can be viewed as being ultimately embedded within the cosmos itself.” Richard Tarnas, PhD

The birth chart is a evolutionary map of the soul showing past and current conditions

along with future intentions. Where you've been, where you are now, where you are going.


Humans incarnate over and over, again and again.


Existence is eternal and may change forms. The only constant is change.


Time and space are illusions, there is only here, now.


Everything and Everyone is interconnected with each other and the All that is.


There is no “outside” – Everything is going on inside of your head.


The whole universe is going on inside of your head.


You have no head - You are the universe.


This is it – you are IT – and that is that

You are not a random response to your father and mothers conception activities. You chose to be here in this particular universe at this time for the sole purpose of fulfilling your evolutionary intentions.


You are the only one that knows the way to your homeland, there are NO gurus.


You get back what you put out, sometimes termed “karma”


We are a product of enculturation


And yet


We are responsible for our acts and our realities that we invent and believe in


Fear is not a fact

The Life in Time report requires your exact time of birth and place. We will also ask you to fill out an extensive questionnaire  detailing important events in your life,  an archetypal profile and a personal history form. We emphasize here, an exact time of birth, otherwise the report is meaning- less and will not apply to you. 


Currently (Summer 2018) I am retired providing astrological charts due to health reasons. THANK YOU

There are number of astrological charts available now for purchase on the contact store page, here

 “Know that you are another world in miniature and have in you Sol and Luna and even the stars.” – Origen Homiliae in Liviticum 5, 2.


Fill in the form below for your free birth chart, courtesy of Astrotheme. When the chart comes up, be sure to click on every planet to get a reading for that planet. Want to know more? For an in-depth interpretation  by our in-house astrologer, go to the STORE page.

Astrological reports copyright by the respective authors; Chispa Spiratus and Rojo Chispas, 2017

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