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For your own personal Sanjeevini geometric patterm card, click on the  Sanjeevini email link. In the email write your name, exact time and date of birth, and place. The card is free.  






Your Sanjeevini geometric card will be emailed back to you  for your printing options

Sai Sanjeevini

We offer, absolutely free, Sai Sanjeevini healing by distance via Astro Radionics

For whatever reason, if you cannot complete the healing methods described at the Sanjeevini site in India, or the method described on our Sai Sanjeevini page  we will do it for you. We have a special computerized Sai Sanjeevini program where we can enter your name, your geometric information card and the health issues that you are currently dealing with. If you visited the original Sanjeevini site in India, you learned that just about every disease and emotional condition is listed. You can, with confidence, reveal your information to us, and we will enter the health information along with your geometric information card into the the program. This entry does not contain any of your personal identification information, other than your initials, and/or secret code if you want to submit one. None of your personal information is kept in this program or computer. We can run this program for you as many times daily, or weeks as you want for serious conditions. (Note: if you are reluctant to reveal your specific health issues, Sai Sanjeevini has a special Whole Body Healing card we can substitute, this card is combined with your geometric card. A picture of the card is here).


Consider this a special healing petition to the Divine Mother for your health restoration and balancing of your body energies. Believe, and it will be so.


Email your birth data, date, exact time, and place, your initials for the geometric card. Include the health issues you want to address and any other information you feel will be useful. Thank you. We love you. Namaste. 


This service is offered absolutely free without any obligation on your part. We repeat the original Sai Sanjeevini affirmation from their website, "The healing system is offered with humility, unconditional love and intense faith  for the physical, mental. social, financial and spiritual upliftment of every being in the universe irrespective of religion, caste, creed, colour, race or nationality."


The use of any astrological report derived from this website is based on the belief system held by the writers; the user information contained in all reports is of a Spiritual nature and is provided at the users request.  The user acknowledges the information in all reports is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for, or an alternative to, any medical advice or psychological evaluation.


The Sanjeevinis, hereafter known as the “geometric frequency patterns” available from this website is provided for educational, experimental, investigational, and research purposes only. The information, along with any effects express or implied, have not been evaluated by any State/National health or other governmental agency. Use of or experimentation with any geometric frequency patterns offered at this website, is done at the user’s own risk and consent.

The website owner assumes no liability or responsibility, personal or commercial, that may arise from use of the geometric frequency patterns offered here. The information at this website is not intended to replace the functions of any health practitioner, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any health-related condition associated with any life form. If you or any person or animal for which you are responsible has a medical condition, please consult with the health practitioner of your choice.


Sanjeevinis are variable in geometric design and output, the site owner makes no claim or warranty, express or implied that use of such geometric frequency patterns will achieve any specific outcome. Furthermore, provision of geometric frequency patterns is not intended to imply that the use of it could affect any animal, plant, or human functionality or health-related condition or state of being, in any specific manner. Living systems are complex, and results from use of the geometric frequency patterns offered here may vary. The use of the geometric frequency patterns  is solely based on the users own Spiritual beliefs and/or knowledge, intentions and purposes, be it for themselves, loved ones, pets or plants.

Skype sessinons, first 1/2 hour free evaluation, additional time by arrangement. Individual facilitators have their own fees and may vary.  No  one will be turned away for lack of funds. Email for details.

Copyright 1980-2018, Rojo Chispas, ChispaSpiratus: Sai Sanjeevini, Copyright @The Sthitaprajna 2012-2015

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