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Sai Sanjeevini

Some of the information on this page comes from the original Sai Sanjeevini site in India.  We encourage you to visit and learn more about this spiritual healing system.

"Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances is a self-learning, prayer-based spiritual healing system for awakening the innate healing power and wisdom of every being. It is also commonly known as ‘Sai Sanjeevini healing’ or simply ‘Sanjeevini healing.’"


"Sai means  *"Divine Mother". Sanjeevini signifies eternal health at the physical, mental and emotional level and symbolizes the Eternal Knowledge of Liberation (Immortality) at the spiritual level."  


"The Sanathana Sai Sanjeevinis healing fragrances are highly focused prayers to God to heal a particular body part or a particular disease at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels, using His cosmic healing energy. Each Sanjeevini prayer is harnessed or captured in a Sanjeevini healing card or pattern." The Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances are therefore focused prayers to the Divine Mother, in total surrender, to awaken the timeless healing force within each one of us."


“It helps to remember the potential of what we are working with once in a while, and hence we share a brief explanation of the prayers that created the Sanjeevini healing  patterns. These patterns are also known as Sanjeevini healing cards. We would like to clarify that   to heal with or use the Sanjeevinis you do not need to understand the process of their creation.  This information has only been included for your knowledge, and so that you know the vastness   of Sanjeevinis’ potential.


“ The Sanjeevini patterns have been prepared using the science of Radiesthesia. We have  prayed for   guidance to arrive at a pattern which represents God’s Own healing energy.The prayers sent forth to the Divine are, to provide a pattern using ‘His Own Sanathana  (Timeless/Eternal) Healing Energy’ – which of course includes all known and unknown   healing forces in Nature :


a) which will heal a particular Body Part or Disease at all levels of existence. This includes the physical, mental and causal levels; waking, dream and sleep levels; and body, mind and spirit levels.

b) which will heal causes, symptoms, and repercussions manifesting as Diseases in individual Body Parts or the mind Since the repercussions of ill health and disease go beyond the body and could include amongst other things: financial and social repercussions – the prayers embrace these too.

c) Which will strengthen the inborn natural immunity to prevent disease or any imbalance in the body and the mind.

d) Which will awaken the supreme wisdom within every being to live by truth, righteousness, peace, unconditional love and non-violence.

The prayers include all this and much more, and are therefore vast in their potential.”


"There are at present 60 Body Parts Sanjeevini Cards and 264 Diseases Sanjeevini Cards. The Section ‘What are Sanjeevinis?'  will give you a detailed description of various categories and sub categories of Sanjeevinis available for healing." (Copyright @The Sthitaprajna 2012-2015)


Here are the links to the body parts and specific disease patterns.

The Sanjeevini web site offers several methods using the healing fragrances. We are going to use another method that proves beneficial.


Directions: First click on the body parts link. Find the area in the body or body system (like nervous or endocrine) where the problem is occurring. For example, anxiety or depression, you might pick the head and/or the heart. Look at the body chart and find what area of the body where your emotions are stored. Pain and loss are often in the chest area, include that, and you may also include the respiratory  system as that is usually blocked and prevents you from correct breathing and/or crying (do you notice that just before you cry you hold onto your breath? Here is another chart showing where emotions are stored


Next go to the specific disease geometric patterns. Click on the name of your particular issue and copy the geometric pattern you see. Pick out everything you have, allergies, worry, colds, whatever.  Include both physical and emotional issues. Go trough the list carefully and look at all that applies to your life, anger, sorrow, fear, wanting to be more spiritually evolved, etc. This is your list, no one else has to see it unless you want them to see it.

Now you will have to include your own personal Astro-Radionic geometric pattern. This pattern is derived from software by  A.T. Tad Mann. Tad Mann has been involved in Radionics, Astrology and the Sacred Arts for many years and is author of some fifteen books. He was one of the pioneers along with Malcom Rae and David Tansley in developing the Radionic Geometric Patterns. You can read more about Malcome Rae here.










Your  Astro-Radionic geometric  pattern is based on your birth date. It is your personal Sanjeevini card with your subtle energy essence, you are one of a kind and there is no other pattern like yours . To obtain your own personal Sanjeevini Astro-Radionic geometric pattern, send an email from the contact page with your birth date, place and exact time. We will return your Sanjeevini pattern in a PDF.  Be sure to include your vitals. birth date, time, place and your name or initials.

After you have received your own personal Sanjeevini pattern, we go to the next  step. Assemble all of your body  and specific disease patterns (prints you have made) together and place your personal Sanjeevini card we sent you on top. You can fold them all and put them in an envelope or they can just be placed on your altar, as is. If you have a crystal and/or a talisman, picture of a saint or a medal of Mary, place that on top of all your patterns. You do not have to do anything else, the Sanjeevini patterns will do the rest in helping balance out your body energies. All it takes on your part is intention. Intend to be well and you will be. 

Don't have an altar? Make one. It can be as simple as a side table with a religious symbol, Buddha, cross, a picture of a saint or someone you admire. Don't want anyone to see what your doing, hide your enevelope under your pillow, or in your closet. It will work no matter where it is. Don't have a religion, invent one and follow your own way; ideas along this line can be found on the Fourth Way  link 

Here is an example of a Astro-Radionic geometric pattern. This one was made for Marilyn Monroe and is based on her birth data. (click to enlarge)

* 'Divine Mother' Every culture, religion or spiritual tradition has a Divine Mother. She has many names, Kali, Lakshmi, Shakti; for the Buddhist, she is Kuan Yin; for the Hopi, she is, Ha Hai-i Wuhti; for Pagans, there is the Triple Goddess with aspects of "Maiden", "Mother" and "Crone", Hekate; Mother Mary is the Christian Goddess of Compassion, also known as Madonna of Medjugorje, Our Lady of Lourdes, Fatima and Our lady of Guadalupe; and hundreds more...

Copyright by respective authors, Rojo Chispa, 1980, 2017; Sanjeevini, Copyright @The Sthitaprajna 2012-2015

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